Photos courtesy of Larry Gerald and Vapourinni

Landmark Shattuck Cinemas Downtown Berkeley

Oren Becker and Cassie Fox-Mount Grand Festival Award Winners Young Producers

Participants in the East Bay Media Center Summer Teen Media Camp 2009.

Oren received a Full Scholarship to Summer Teen Media Camp 2010.

Cassie takes home the Grand Festival Trophy for her "More Than Just a Pretty Face"


Maria Jose Calderon, Paul Kealoha Blake and Amy Janes

Cancun of Berkeley provided the filmmakers reception with their treats.

Awards row en regalia

Dan K Harvest receives the 'KUSTOM KAR KOMMANDO AWARD' for his music video "Escape From Oakland". Dan K brought the house down on Saturday with his hip hop epic and to audience chants of, "Dan K, Dan K, Dan K............."

Adrian Arias's "Frida in the Mirror" wins Grand Festival Award in Music Video

Connie Sobczak receives the Educational Grand Festival Award for her "Discover Your Healthy Weight".

Andrea Young charms the audience receiving her Grand Festival Ethnographic Award for "Polka Faces" an initmate view of rural Minnesota.

LaDonna Witmer and Michelle M. Brown share the kudos with their Arts Category Cine Poem Grand Festival Award, "Homeland Security".

Amy Evans McClure accepts the Grand Festival Award in the Arts Category for Colin Still / Optic Nerve of London for "Cracked Goddess", a sunny trip through her sculpture studios.

Kathleen Dolan and Amy Janes's "Kaziah, The Goat Woman" receive the Grand Festival Award in Documentary, their film screened to SRO audiences.

David Silberberg, a Berkeleyean, cops the Grand Festival Award in Documentary for his poignant insight of Harrod Blank in "Oh My God! It's Harrod Blank".

"White Movement" filmmaker Emio Tomeoni and Grand Festival Award recipient points out that Berkeley can be quite a paradox. The people want more from Emio.

Ansuman Das accepts the Features Grand Festival Award 2009, on behalf of Sarba Das and her "Karma Calling", the Official Audience Favorite.

Max Landes accepts the GFA for Short Features for his and Philip Aceto's "At Night", an opening night crowd fave.

BVFF Patron Saint, Donor and Sponsor, Dr. David A. Woodrow, Accepts the Grand Festival Award for Most Films Screened at a BVFF, he also broke the record this year, for viewing each film presented. Smash and Roll, Doctor W.

Michael McClure accepts the "Golden Eagle Award" for his contributions to BVFF 2009, from BVFF's Alyssa Rose Tomfohrde. Graahrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Nic Saunders of 14167 Films of London, accepts the Grand Festival Award for his Short Feature "Curses and Sermons", a mystic reimaging of a Michael McClure poem. From Nic Saunders to BVFF:

"4000 miles is a long way to come, but it was worth every mile. It was worth it to see the film on the big screen in such a lovely venue, but more importantly to spend time with likeminded people in a great environment. The Media Centre and the organisation you've got there is clearly very special and it was a honour to be a part of it, albeit for two days."

Jonathan Dane accepts the Comedy Award for his micro short "Birth Control", we're still laughing.

Gerald Gutschmidt accepts the Grand Festival Award in Short Features for "Diamond", and for co-producer, Pamela Wei Endira.

Doug Harris of Athletes United for Peace, accepts his Grand Festival Award for "Basketbal Guru: The Pete Newell Story" a Documentary Preview.

Maria Jose Calderon accepts the Student Filmmaker Award for her Documentary "The Edge of the Sea" from BVFF Director, Mel Vapour.

Paul Kealoha Blake, president of East Bay Media Center documents the event.

Gretchen Olivero receiving the Student Filmmaker Award for her short feature "The Disgruntled Worker".

Don Arbor and his "Obama Won" music video, kicked off the BVFF 2009 screenings on Friday evening, setting the mood for the festival, as he accepts his Grand Festival Award in Music Video.

Experimental film guru, Peter Turner, accepting the Grand Festival Award in the Experimental category for his mesmerizing and memorable short film "Sacrificio".

Jazzy Jeff Weller, 'The Voice of the Cage' and emcee for the festivities at BVFF '09

Teresa Malango and Michael McClure debate the benefits of Brawndo

Vapour and Blake want McClure's scarf

Pam McCann, editor of "Obama Won" stands guard

Paul Blake, Maria Jose Calderon, Tatiana Rojas, Vapour

Professor Julio Ramos brought "Ciudad del Futuro" and "Rainbow Warriors" to BVFF

Marianne Teleki ( "Special Circumstances" BVFF 2007 ) and Maria Jose Calderon

( "The Edge of the Sea" BVFF 2009 )

Paul Blake, Dan K Harvest, Elaine and Friend

Dan K Harvest of "Escape From Oakland" Music Vid Kustom Kar Kommando Award BVFF 2009 and Billy Jam trade fours.

Emio Tomeoni and Vapour

Juan Vargas, Setup Tech for BVFF - Thanks Juan for all of your input!

L A Wood and Kealoha