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Mel Vapour, Director BVFF and Filmmaker - Philosopher Tao Ruspoli

Ruspoli Wins Grand Festival Best Documentary Award

for "Being In The World"

Tao Ruspoli and Paul Kealoha Blake at BVFF 2010

Berkeley Video and Film Festival awards "BEING in the World" - Review by Peggy Reskin:



Tao Ruspoli and Lola 'Prosciutto' Ruspoli arrive in Berkeley

2 minutes before screening "Being in the World".

See Tao Ruspoli racing to get to the Berkeley Video and Film Festival,

"Los Angeles to San Francisco in 2 minutes and 48 seconds":


Catherine Bauknight and Sandy Fox of "Hawaii: A Voice for Sovereignty"

Catherine Bauknight, Producer, accepts the Allen Willis Documentary Award

for "Hawaii: A Voice for Sovereignty"

Kurt Hemmer of "Wow! Ted Joans Lives!" takes the Grand Fest Arts Award

Tom Knoff of "Wow! Ted Joans Lives!" takes the Grand Fest Arts Award

Waylon Bacon accepts the Tru Blood Award from Jazzy Jeff

Dan K & Kealoha

Daphna and Nitzan Ben Shaul's "Turbulence" receives

the Grand Festival Experimental Feature Award

On September 26, 2010 at 10 pm the movie Turbulence made its US premiere screening at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival held at the Landmark Shattuck Theaters in downtown Berkeley. The movie, which was awarded the festival's Grand Award for an Experimental Feature, was interactively screened before the audience.  In this unique screening sporadically chosen members of the audience were asked to make choices at dramatic crossroads thus shifting the course of the story. The movies' unique patented player allows for seamless transitions among the optional narrative tracks thus maintaining the movie flow. Also, the interactions are guided by dramatic rather than gaming considerations and there are no menus but a sudden glow that suggests interaction. This forking path interactive movie tells a dramatic, sweeping and suspenseful story about three friends that meet by chance in Manhattan 20 years after an event that led to their dispersion. In this renewed meeting they reassess their past and change their future. During the screening viewers helped the protagonists make choices that led to different endings to the story. "It's all about optional thinking" said the director, Nitzan Ben Shaul to an enthralled audience. "Regular movies tell you one story with one end, Turbulence tells several optional versions of the story with several endings, plus, you guide the course taken by the characters so you have some responsibility for where your choices lead them."

Donna S.Kline's "Virtuoso:The Olga Samaroff Story" Documentary

takes the Grand Festival Award

Barry Levy receives the Grand Festival Short Animation Award for

"The Hollywood Adventures of Freedom the Polar Bear"

Mitchell Rose and his "Advance" takes the Grand Festival Experimental Award

Michelle M. Brown accepts the "Cine Poem Arts Award" for her

and LaDonna Wittmer's "Homogeneous".

Gabriel Perko-Engel receives the Young Producers Grand Festival Award

Ed Sharpe flashes in Glendale, Arizona after getting plated with the Grand Fest Award in 2010